Lawn Hippo wants to work with you!

Pick your own schedule. Leave the job of finding customers, scheduling, and route optimization to us.

We'll find you the jobs

Got a lawn mower and a truck? Sign up with Lawn Hippo and we'll do the tough job of advertising and finding work for you.

Pick your own schedule

Work when you want. Let us know which days you're available to do landscaping work and we'll do our best to fill you with jobs on those days.

Optimal work routes

We'll use our customer network to bundle jobs as close together as possible for you, to reduce your total driving time and increase your pay

How it works



Apply as a landscaper and tell us about yourself. If you're a good match, we'll get back to you with next steps.


Receive a work schedule

We'll send you work for a group of homes on the days you're available to work. We'll use our customer network to optimize the group to reduce total driving needed and maximize your pay for the day depending on how many hours you want to work.

Example work for a day:

Total Payout: $700

Estimated Time for 2 landscapers (incl. driving): 8 hrs


Get Paid!

After your work is complete, we'll send you the money. You don't have to deal with collecting money from customers.

Apply as a Landscaper

Lawn care services you're able to perform: