How does LawnHippo work?

LawnHippo is a site that allows you to quickly get lawn maintenance services. Simply book online by providing details about your property and we’ll send a lawn maintenance professional to get the job done.

What services do I get?

We specialize in basic lawn maintenance tasks to keep your lawn looking great. Our Hippo Care package includes mowing, edging and general cleanup of debris (e.g. leaves and sticks).

Extra maintenance services such as weeding and pruning may be requested separately for additional costs.

I’ve booked an appointment. What happens next?

We will review your service request and send you an email with a finalized price to confirm your job. Once you confirm, we will schedule the job with one of our landscape maintenance professionals.

Please complete the following checklist before your appointment.

  • Unlock any gates to give us access to your lawn
  • Keep all children and pets out of the yard for safety
  • Pick up any pet waste in the yard.

If any of the above is not done, we may not be able to complete your service.

When will my service be completed?

In order to keep our prices low, we need to keep landscaper schedules flexible. At first, LawnHippo will provide you with a 5 day range in which the service will be completed.

For example: after confirmation, we will say your service will be completed between Monday, December 1st and Friday, December 5th.

If you require service on a specific date, please contact

When and how do I pay?

Appointments will be billed after the service has been completed. We will send you a separate email to pay online with your credit card through Square. We do not accept cash, check, or money order for appointments.

Why does my estimate say, “We will get back to you with a quote”?

Based on what you’ve told us about your property, we need to do further assessment of your property before we can quote you an accurate and low price. Don’t worry, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a finalized price!

What if I am unhappy with my service?

Please contact and we’ll do our best to get it fixed quickly.

Where is LawnHippo service available?

LawnHippo currently serves several communities in the greater Seattle area. Please see our service coverage area page for more details.